Metaverse Mastermind 

This bundle is offered to all Provenonce Circle members and NFT Oasis collectors. Learn everything needed to fully express yourself and your brand within the metaverse! 
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What's included?

Getting Started

Learn more about the Provenonce Ecosystem, and what to expect with your metaverse journey. 

VR: The Basics 

Ready to take your first steps into the fully immersive experience of NFT Oasis? Here you will learn everything you need to explore the new world. 

Unleash your super inner host 

Enhance every event by learning the best practices for hosting events, activating creators, and creating unique experiences within the metaverse. 

Metaverse Star

Master the techniques behind the magic. With this course you will be able to activate artist, musicians and creators within unique immersive spaces. 
Courses included

Metaverse Mastermind

The Provenonce Academy essential series. 

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